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I love this place. Todd is always very helpful and works hard to ensure you receive what you want in the store. Also ...
I took a leap of faith and invested in myself with the purchase of an adjustable bed. Glad I found Jax Mattress. Same...

Call or Text 904-477-4641 - Brad, Owner or 904-480-0700 - Todd, Store Manager. SAME DAY DELIVERY & FREE LAYAWAY!

Call or Text 904-477-4641 - Brad, Owner or 904-480-0700 - Todd, Store Manager. SAME DAY DELIVERY & FREE LAYAWAY!

Financing Options

No Credit Needed* Purchase Options 

Easy Pay Options 
90 Days to 6 Months payment terms with No Credit Needed Lease to Own Programs where you can get an approval for as little as $25 down when choosing American First Finance below.  Get approved instantly and sleep on your new bed tonight with same day delivery.  Click the links below to apply.
  I have 5 leasing  companies to choose from with similar No Credit Needed Programs.
KAFENE  offers 
 CLICK on any of companies below to get pre-approved in just a few minutes.
Open/Active Checking Account  
Credit or Debit Card  
Must be18 years or older  
 *Progressive Leasing obtains information from credit reporting agencies. Not all applicants are approved.  
If you get declined try one of the other companies below.  
Call me with any questions.   I also offer FREE Layaway on Bedding and Furniture.
Brad (904) 477-4641

90 Days to 6 months to pay off your purchase. KAFENE reports positive to credit reports

Snap Finance

$39 Down - 100 Days Financing - Up to $3,000 Approvals

Acima Finance

$0 Down - 90 Days Financing - $40 Down Payment  Then get your Bedding or Furniture TODAY!
An active checking account with at least $1,000 of income per month.
3 months of income history with your current source of income
Government-issued photo ID and an SSN or Taxpayer Identification Number
Apply Now by clicking the linked image

Lease-to Own  

By Progressive Leasing
No credit needed*
We know a three-digit number doesn’t tell your story. That’s why every Progressive Leasing approval is NO CREDIT NEEDED.
Our underwriting process allows us to consider everyone with less-than-perfect credit. We look at many other data points including income and banking history and regularly approve people with less than perfect credit or very little credit history.
*Progressive Leasing obtains information from credit bureaus. Not all applicants are approved

American First Finance       Click picture above to get approved!

$50 Down +$29 Fee at end of  90 Day Option - Earn just $1000 or more per month to qualify. Take it home TODAY!

What is needed to get approved.
Social Security number or ITIN

Credit card or debit card

Checking account & routing number

Government issued photo ID

Be 18 years or older

Bad credit, low scores, late payments, they don't matter here.