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I love this place. Todd is always very helpful and works hard to ensure you receive what you want in the store. Also ...
I took a leap of faith and invested in myself with the purchase of an adjustable bed. Glad I found Jax Mattress. Same...

Call or Text 904-477-4641 - Brad, Owner or 904-480-0700 - Todd, Store Manager. SAME DAY DELIVERY & FREE LAYAWAY!

Call or Text 904-477-4641 - Brad, Owner or 904-480-0700 - Todd, Store Manager. SAME DAY DELIVERY & FREE LAYAWAY!

Return Policy & Warranty

Refund/ Return Policy / Warranty

Jax Mattress does not offer any form of comfort swap or trial period on our new bedding & furniture.  We do offer factory issued warranties with our bedding, so that if there is a problem with a mattress it can be fixed or replaced under warranty.   We do offer full refunds on any purchase that has not been picked up or delivered yet.  We do not offer refunds on deposits made on furniture and bedding that has been held or special ordered. 


 Estimated ship times from our suppliers are subject to change at anytime specifically ETAs from Furniture suppliers.  We disclose this possibility to every customer before they make their purchase.  COVID-19  and shortages has caused us disruptions in supply chains from overseas to Jacksonville, FL since last spring when it all started.  We are still receiving shipments of new bedding and furniture on a weekly basis.  Having suppliers that are still producing and shipping new product on weekly basis has given us the advantage over competitors that are quoting 3 to 10 weeks to get their product in.   





Almost all of our bedding comes with a factory warranty.

warranty range time frames range from 1 year to 20 years depending on the model you have.  Some warranties are 100% coverage during the entire time frame and others are prorated where coverage declines as the bed ages.

The most common complaint in the bedding industry is body impressions or a sagging spot where you sleep that never goes back up.  This can make you feel like your sleeping in a hole.  Body impressions are covered by the warranty as long as the depression is 1.5 inches or greater.  That is considered outside of normal wear. 

Furniture warranty is subject to each manufacturers policy.  Some of our furniture suppliers only offer 6 months to 1 year warranty and others no longer offer any form of warranty.  Extended protection plans can be purchased at time of sale.

What can cause your mattress warranty to be voided by the factory?

If the law tag has been removed and is missing this will void your warranty.

If the mattress has stains or soil spots this will void your warranty.

If there are noticeable water marks or signs that a stain was cleaned this will void your factory warranty.

We have had a few customers warranty claims be rejected because they said the mattress was clean and when we went to swap it out we discovered that the mattress had stains or spots on it and we could not replace it in the end.  So its very important at the beginning to check your mattress for stains before you start the warranty process.


There are 2 ways to file a warranty claim you can contact the factory directly and they will start the warranty process with you.

You can also call us here at Jaxmattress and provide us with description of the problem and include pictures of the problem along with a picture of the law tag and of the top of the mattress to verify that it is clean and free of stains. 



Jax mattress does not share customers personal information with any third parties.  We strive to keep customers personal information private and secure. 


Política de devolución y garantía de colchones Jax.


Toda la ropa de cama es nueva y viene con una garantía emitida de fábrica. No ofrecemos ningún tipo de período de prueba de sueño que resulte en cambiar una cama o muebles para obtener un reembolso.


La garantía de la ropa de cama está sujeta a inspección para garantizar que el colchón esté limpio y que la etiqueta de la ley aún esté adherida. La garantía de fábrica se anula si su cama tiene manchas o rasgaduras en la tela.


Se requiere un depósito para ordenar muebles o colchones de tamaño personalizado.